Honda Cars

The most popular Honda car is Elevate. Followed by City, Amaze, and City Hybrid eHEV. Honda is known for its quality and durability. They are very reliable and have good engines. Honda has high-quality interiors. They have one of the most popular sedans in India. The model price of cars starts from Rs. 7.20 Lk for the Honda Amaze up to Rs. 19.00 Lk for the Honda City Hybrid eHEV. There are a total of 4 models and 1 upcoming model which include 1 Compact Sedan, 1 Compact SUV, 2 Sedans, and 1 SUV.

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Honda Car Models

89 bhp, 18.3 - 18.6 kmpl
Rs. 7.20 Lk Ex Showroom, Mumbai
City Hybrid eHEV
97 bhp, 27.1 kmpl
Rs. 19.00 Lk Ex Showroom, Mumbai
119 bhp, 17.8 - 18.4 kmpl
Rs. 11.82 Lk Ex Showroom, Mumbai
119 bhp, 15.31 - 16.92 kmpl
Rs. 11.69 Lk Ex Showroom, Mumbai